A Brief Trip Down History Lane

Boy do I feel old looking at this timeline...We've been doing this for a long time!

Anyhow I digress - the path to our current network revamp has been a journey full of adventures. We've learned a lot and as technology continually changes, so must we...

Our original network was cutting edge at the time it was originally built, however that's nearly 20 years ago. Although we have made plenty of upgrades over the years, this current project has been a complete revamp to the core design and structure of our network.

Back in the "old days" building a network to cover most of Oregon required multiple physical locations, multiple voice switches, routers and lots of other equipment. That's served us well all these years. However, today is a different world, and the complex spaghetti network (as I call it) is no longer necessary.

These days a carrier can run services nationwide with a simplified, flattened network - and that's exactly what we've been busy doing!

Along with our new simplified flattened network, we've standardized our core service offerings.

Some of the traditional "legacy" services are being discontinued so we can focus on helping our business customers migrate services to the cloud, which opens up amazing possibilities that weren't available with the legacy services.

Below are some of the cloud based services infoStructure provides moving forward.

  • infoCloud Phone System (Hosted PBX) - A great option to replace your physical phone system without spending thousands of dollars upfront.
  • infoCloud Voice Lines (SIP Trunking) - A great replacement to legacy services.  Using SIP Trunking allows for greater flexibility and cost savings.
  • infoCloud SD-WAN - A great way to make your internet connections perform at their maximum capacity and keep all of your Cloud applications stable and buzzing.
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Voice Routing - A great way to integrate your voice service with Microsoft Teams. If your business already uses Microsoft Teams this is a no-brainer to integrate your phone system into the hottest collaboration software on the planet these days!

So that's the cliff notes of what we've been up to getting our network and service offerings as future-proofed as possible.

If you have questions or need help planning a cloud strategy for your business, please call or email us.

We can help you strategize a plan that meets the exact needs of your business.

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infoCloud Phone Lines

Replace your legacy phone system with our cloud unified hosted pbx.

infoCloud Voice Lines

Bring your voice legacy devices into the cloud
with SIP Trunking.

infoCloud SD-WAN

Maximize efficiencies from all your network
applications using SD-WAN.

infoCloud Fax

Secure cloud faxing and legacy fax machine
line replacement.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate your phone system voice calling into
Microsoft Teams.

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