VoIP Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Frequently Asked Questions

Home & Small Office VoIP FAQ

Q. What do I need to get InfoStructure VoIP Service?

A. The requirements to have InfoStructure VoIP are fairly simple. You need the following:

A high-speed Internet connection
A billing and shipping address
An InfoStructure approved phone adapter
A touchtone phone

Q. Is InfoStructure VoIP hard to install?

A. No. It is very simple. You plug the phone adapter into your high-speed Internet Modem then plug your telephone into the phone adapter. You then plug the phone adapter into power and that is it!

Q. Does my computer need to be on for InfoStructure VoIP to work?

A. No. You can use the service without your computer being on. Your high-speed Internet connection needs to be working (the modem) and your phone adapter needs to be plugged into it.

Q. Can I make calls while I am using the Internet on my computer?

A. Yes. You can use your computer, the Internet and your phone at the same time.

Q. Can I keep my existing phone number?

A. Yes! InfoStructure has the ability to port your existing phone number in most parts of the Continental United States. To find out if your area is supported, simply email support@www2.infostructure.net or call us at 800.419.4804.

Q. Will it work with the phone wiring & phone jacks in my home with more than one phone?

A. InfoStructure supports one phone connected to the back of the VoIP phone adapter, however the system does work with home wiring. It requires that you or a phone technician do a bit of simple wiring work and InfoStructure VoIP will work on the wiring thoughout your home. InfoStructure does not do this wiring.

Q. Does InfoStructure provide the high-speed Internet connection?

A. InfoStructure can provide DSL and other high-speed Internet services in most areas. You can also use any high-speed Internet connection from any provider with InfoStructure VoIP. InfoStructure is a well established Phone Company and Internet Service Provider. If you would like to find out more about getting your Internet Connection from InfoStructure, visit our High Speed Internet page, email support@www2.infostructure.net or call us at 800.419.4804.

Q. If I move, will I have to cancel service and start it again?

A. No. Because you can use InfoStructure VoIP in any location with a high-speed Internet connection, you’ll never have to cancel your phone service. Just take your phone adapter & telephone with you and set it up on the Internet connection at your new location.

Q. Does InfoStructure VoIP work with 911 service in an emergency?

A. Yes. There are details you should know about 911 service over VoIP before you place your order.

Q. Will my FAX work with InfoStructure VoIP?

A. Yes. In most cases, FAX machines work with InfoStructure VoIP.