Past Due Policy

Invoice due date = 18 days from invoice creation date

Past Due Status:

Trigger Days Past Due

Action Taken:

Past due #1

1 day

E-mail - Past due 1st attempt sent

Past due #2

8 day

E-mail - Past due 2st attempt sent

Past due #3

15 day

E-mail - Past due 1st attempt sent; phone call(s) made;
service suspension possible

Past due #4

30 day

Final phone call attempt before disconnecting services disconnect; All services* balance sent to collections**

* Should you request reactivation of this account after services are disconnected, the entire balance must be paid plus the disconnection fee ($25). In addition any necessary reactivation fees associated with certain service types will be charged.

** If this account is assigned for collection, materials that support a legal case for collection will be supplied including a copy ofthis document and records showing your usage of InfoStructure’s services.